Customer Testimonials for Three Star Auto Sales

Christina - 2011 Nissan Altima

I was scared walking on a dealership being a first time buyer. I was greeted with a smile from my sales rep Monica. She was very knowledage about APR, the car I was interested in, now bought (2011 Nission Altima) and very up front about all my questions. It turned out to be a pleasent experience!

Valerie - 2008 Mazda MAZDASPEED3

Just a couple of weeks ago, an unfortunate accident totaled my babied econo-car. After looking online, I found Three Star Auto. They had a small amount of reviews across the Internet, but all of them were positive -- and considering how dealerships usually get far more complaints than praises, I considered this a good sign. After walking into their unassuming little office, surrounded by beautifully-tended cars, I was greeted by Jason. I asked what manuals they had, and he led me to a delightfully fun, sporty one -- and let me test drive with no harassment at all. No keys held hostage, no license captured forever, no nonsense at all. We had a blast, chatting both about nice cars and, later, pinball and arcade machines, leading to one of the most delightful dealer interactions I have ever had. Was it because I flashed big bucks? Was it because they were desperate for sales? Nope. So, where's the catch? There is none. I revisited them several times over the past few weeks, and no one ever acted tired to see me or otherwise rude. Every interaction was great, as a respectful business transaction should be, with a lot of friendly chatter on the side. And speaking of "friendly," as we went through paperwork, they became aware of my LGBTQ status, and didn't bat an eye. It changed nothing, and they always referred to my partner respectfully. So if you're looking for a gay friendly car dealer, give them your dollars! To Jason and everyone else: thank you for giving this mechanic's daughter a great experience!

The XFS - 2011 Chevrolet Camaro RSS

Bigger then it looks. When I came into this dealer, It seemed small from the outside, but there inventory seemed pretty good. So I checked it out after test driving the vehicle I purchased. After the test drive I went inside to begin the buying process. I immediately noticed how nice their office was, and there was plenty of room for my whole family. Overall I enjoyed the buying experience and the staff was very friendly and welcoming. Definitely not like the other car dealers I visited. Will definitely come back to purchase a second vehicle for my son.

Evelyne Salinas - 2008 Toyota Yaris

Buen lugar para comprar auto. Tienen los precios mas bajos que los otros dealers que fui. Cuando Compre mi toyota Yaris me dieron buen precio y no me presionaron a comprar un carro que no queria. Gracias Three Star! Translated to English: Good place to buy a car. They have the lowest prices out of the other dealers I visited. When I bought my Toyota Yaris they gave me a great price and didn't pressure me to buy a car I did not want. Thanks Three Star!